A new Universal Credit Hub opened its doors in Panteg

Posted on: Monday 15 October 2018

Today (15/10/2018), Torfaen Bridges into Work 2 and Working Skills for Adults 2 teams launched their first Universal Credit Hub at Age Connects, Sebastopol. 

There are approximately 5,000 households currently in receipt of Universal Credit across Torfaen. The Universal Credit Hub will be a place for people who are looking for work or a change of career. 

In addition to the support residents can access in other community hubs, this project will offer support for residents to fulfil Universal Credit commitments and provide access to the internet. 

The new UC Hub will operate at the centre every Monday from 1pm until 4pm.

Executive Member for Communities, Housing and Anti-Poverty, Councillor David Daniels said, “I was pleased to be at the launch of the very first Torfaen Employability Universal Credit Hub. This new service will add another aspect to the support our employment teams currently offer across the borough. Given the complexities around Universal Credit - many of which you will have heard about in recent news reports - I think it's absolutely essential that we provide additional, specialised support for people who are in receipt of Universal Credit. 

“The teams are very experienced and knowledgeable and it is reassuring to know that this service will run every week to help people with their enquiries, whether that’s help to update their journal, access free training or support to find work. The Age Connects venue in Sebastopol is easily accessible and a well-known location in the heart of Torfaen, connecting the local community and making a positive difference.” ​​

Torfaen County Borough Council’s Head of Skills and Employability, Karen Padfield, added: “With the launch of this new hub the Torfaen Employability Team will continue their excellent work to support and prepare individuals for the workplace.

The projects can support both unemployed and working people to reach their potential, and get that job! With the support of the local community and its elected members we can all make a difference”.

For more information, or to enquire about a hub near you, please call the Bridges into Work 2 and Working Skills for Adults 2 team on 01633 647743 or email employability@torfaen.gov.uk

Bridges into Work 2 and Working Skills for Adults 2 are funded by the European Social Fund, through the Welsh Government.

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