Have you returned your Household Enquiry Form?

Posted on: Wednesday 29 August 2018

Each year we send every household in Torfaen a Household Enquiry Form to check the right people are registered to vote. This is part of our annual canvass to maintain the electoral register and to ensure that all household details are correct and up to date.

Over the past couple of weeks all homes in the borough have received the form and by law, you have to respond – even if it shows the correct info.  Please do not ignore it.

If we haven’t received a response by Tuesday 4 September we will send the first reminder (this adds unnecessary cost which we’d like to avoid).

We will send up to two reminders and you could have a home visit from the election team.

You have to fill in the Household Enquiry Form by law and if you continue to ignore it and all the reminders you could be fined up to £1,000 (unnecessary cost to you).

For people who have responded and added new electors to their forms, thank you!  New electors will shortly receive an Invitation to Register.

If you have any questions please contact 01495 762200.

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