Suspended licence for taxi driver

Posted on: Monday 29 June 2015
A Torfaen taxi driver has had his licence suspended for six months.

On 25 June, Caerphilly Magistrates Court was due to hear an appeal against Torfaen council’s decision to suspend the hackney carriage licence of Nicky James for a breach of the council’s policy and conditions of licences. However, the appeal was withdrawn.

The policy states: “Drivers shall not engage in any sexual activity with customers or make any advance or comment that could be construed to be an attempt to procure any special relationship, sexual or otherwise, with the customer.”  

Mr James was ordered to pay the council’s costs of £2,538.

The chair of the licensing committee, councillor Neil Waite, said: “We are constantly working to make Torfaen a safer place to live, work and visit, and licensing plays a key role in this process.

“It is essential that anyone using a private hire vehicle does so in the safe knowledge that they using a reputable driver. The council oversees the licence conditions and vehicle standards under which taxis operate, and it has robust procedures in place to ensure the highest possible standards.

“We take any allegations of misconduct towards female passengers very seriously and the licensing process is there to ensure that the public are safe when using licensed vehicles.”

If you have any information on any person illegally plying for hire or wish to raise any concerns about a taxi driver, contact 01633 647286.

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