Recycle your cooking oil

Posted on: Wednesday 19 November 2014

Used cooking oil can now be recycled at Torfaen’s household waste recycling centre in New Inn.

The council, together with their recycling site contractor Viridor, has installed a special tank to collect the oil, which will be used to generate clean electricity.

Just one litre of used oil can power a TV for three hours, a phone charger for 1000 hours, or provide enough energy to make 240 cups of tea. Once full, the tanks can provide enough fuel to power an entire home for up to a year.

Councillor John Cunningham, executive member for neighbourhoods at Torfaen council, said: “This is an excellent low-carbon recycling route that avoids waste and environmental damage while providing a new green fuel, and helping us reduce our waste even further.”

Martin Williams, Viridor’s area manager, said: ‘Used cooking oil recycling tanks are already successfully operating at a huge number of Viridor’s sites across the UK. It is fantastic to know that residents of Torfaen can all contribute to the nation’s electricity in such a simple and effective way.”

The cooking oil will be processed by Living Fuels, the UK’s leading used cooking oil to renewable energy eco-firm. Operations director Rob Murphy said: "We are delighted to be working with Torfaen council and Viridor, taking away a waste product to provide power for Welsh homes and businesses.

“It has often been difficult to dispose of used cooking oil. Whether sent to costly landfill - where it produces harmful greenhouse gases - or poured down the sink, it currently costs around £15 million a year to repair the havoc it wreaks in damaging drains .”

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