Learn on the job with an apprenticeship in Torfaen

Posted on: Wednesday 31 July 2013

Torfaen council is working with Careers Wales to offer apprenticeships in social care.

Apprentices earn a wage and work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. They also train for nationally recognised qualifications such as NVQs.

Charlotte Roblin (18) is one of the latest recruits to the apprenticeship programme with social care in Torfaen council. She explained why she got involved: “I have always had a desire to help people, I looked on Careers Wales and found the application for the apprenticeship and immediately jumped at the opportunity. I hoped to receive respect and guidance. I also wanted to learn all aspects of the job.”

Once she has completed her apprenticeship, Charlotte will have earned QCF (NVQ) level two and three qualifications.

Apprenticeships can take between one and four years to complete and are open to anyone aged 16 and older, who isn’t in full-time education. Employment is normally for a minimum 30 hours per week.

Charlotte added: “I think that apprenticeships are the right option for people my age as many youngsters have a hard time getting a job because of the lack of experience.  This apprenticeship gives me experience and qualifications in social care.

“I love working here - the staff are enthusiastic and fun to work with. I enjoy spending time with the service users and I learn new things every day, which furthers my experience.”

To find out more about apprenticeships, call Careers Wales on 0800 100 900 or visit www.careerswales.com/en/

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