Cwm Lickey Circular Walk

This is a 1.5hr walk which highlights the industry of the Race area and the community that grew up around it. The “Race” probably got its name from the mining of iron ore, one of the many industries that developed in this area. Ore lay close to the surface so was worked by scouring away the topsoil by using water that “raced” through channels to carry away the soil to expose the minerals beneath. The Welsh word Rass or Rhas can refer to this process.

The start of the walk begins at the “Race”, at the top of Blaendare Road, approximately 80 metres past the Race chapel. Here four roads converge to form a triangular area, which is a bus turning area, so please park sensibly.

Download a copy of the Cwm Lickey Circular Walk Leaflet here.

Last Modified: 21/01/2019
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