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Community Chest is a Sports Wales, National Lottery funded grant aid scheme. It is designed to support the development of sport and encourage physical activity as a whole. Decisions on grants will be made by local Community Chest Committees; one for each local authority area in Wales. The local administration of the scheme is made possible thanks to the support of each local authority in Wales.

These guidelines explain the main policies of the Community Chest grants scheme, and the criteria that will be used to assess applications and give advice on completing the application form. 

Purpose of the scheme 

Sport Wales’s initiative for community sport and physical activity. Community Chest offers grants of up to £1,500 for activities that:

  • Encourage more people to be more active, more often
  • Raise the standard of existing activities.

The scheme is open to any group that wishes to organise activities aimed at getting more people, more active, more often, regardless of age. This could mean new activities or raising the standard of existing activities. 

Please note that the maximum grant available is £1,500.

What can be funded? 

The main purpose of the Community Chest is to encourage and support good projects, which will create new or improve sports activities and opportunities that are additional to what is already in place and would not be able to happen without a grant. There are few hard and fast rules for what is and is not eligible for support. However as a guide, the following list provided as indication of the kinds of activity which could be eligible in an application:

  • Recruitment of volunteers
  • Training of volunteers
  • Coach education and development
  • New club or team start up costs
  • Non-personal items of equipment
  • Publicity and promotional materials
  • Development new competitive opportunities or structures
  • Development club/community/school links Sports events and festivals

Priority will be given to projects which focus on providing for young people, women and girls and people with disabilities. 

All projects must be completed within 12 months. Normally grant aid support will be limited to 20 weeks, or sessions, as support beyond that period could lead to dependency on the grant. 

The maximum grant is £1,500 in any 12 months period and you can only hold one Community Chest grant at a time. 

What cannot be funded? 

There are certain types of project which will be ineligible for a grant. This does not necessarily mean the entire application is invalid, but it may include some ineligible elements. 

These include:

  • Sports not on the Sports Council for Wales’ approved list
  • Projects not based in the area of the Community Chest Committee’s responsibility
  • Financial support to individual athletes
  • Personal clothing, equipment or kit
  • On-going running costs
  • Activity already taking place
  • Projects which have started before the award of the grant
  • Replacement, repairs and on-going maintenance
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Mainstream activities traditionally funded by central or local government Projects commercially driven and which will generate a profit for distribution for private gain Projects already receiving a grant from the Sports Council for Wales or another Lottery fund

Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

Any organisation can apply, provided they have a bank or building society account in the name of the organisation. 

Voluntary sports clubs and organisations, even newly formed organisations, are expected to have an acceptable constitution or set of rules. Where this is not the case, they will be asked to demonstrate on the application form how their club is organised and managed. If you are not sure about what a constitution should include, please ask for a copy of the community chest information guide on constitutions. 

Who is ineligible to apply for a grant? 

Applications from individuals will not be eligible. Of course, this does not include an individual applying on behalf of their organisation.

When to apply?

Applications will be accepted and considered by your local Committee throughout the year. The Committee will meet between four and six times a year. Make sure you allow enough time for your application to be received and sent to the Committee in time for their next meeting. Normally application forms should be submitted at least three months before the planned start of the project.

Application Closing Dates: 

  • 8 July 2020
  • 7 October 2020
  • 18 November 2020
  • 6 January 2021

Please note if you have not completed your project completion report form (CC10) for a previous application, the new grant application received will be ineligible. 

Assessing Applications

In assessing applications for a grant, the Community Chest Committee will take account of the following:

  • That you are in a properly run organisation
  • That there is a clear need for the project
  • That the project is appropriate in scope and content
  • That the project benefits are achievable and can be measured
  • That the costs and level of grant requested are realistic and represent value for money
  • How much you are prepared to contribute to the project
  • That there is an obvious financial need.

To Register 

Applications are now completed online. Apply for a Community Chest Grant here.

Further Information

For further information or support completing the application please contact the sport development office on 01633 628936.

Last Modified: 04/05/2020
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