Townscape Heritage Initiative Grants

Who Can Apply for a THI Grant?

Property owners and leaseholders with 10 or more years left on their lease within the Pontypool THI area can apply for a THI grant.

What is the THI Grant Intervention Rate?

Grants are awarded at 50% - 90% of eligible costs.

What will the THI Grant fund?

  • Grants of up to 70% can be grant funded for the conservation repair of historic buildings e.g. roofs, chimney stacks, rainwater goods etc., but not for routine maintenance.
  • Grants can be awarded up to 90% for the re-instatement of heritage details.
  • The THI grant will also contribute to bringing vacant floor space back into use, including vacant space within partly used historic buildings, such as unused upper floors above shops or offices with a 50% grant rate.
  • The THI grant will also contribute to professional fees – architects/surveyors etc.
  • Other costs which may be considered as part of a THI grant include: general structural repairs; timber repairs; joinery; dry rot; damp proofing; roofing; chimney stacks; lead work; rainwater goods; stone work; architectural features; shop fronts; paint etc.

Properties Already in Receipt of a Pontypool THI Grant.

To date 4 properties within the Pontypool THI Grant scheme area have been in receipt of a grant.

The White Hart Hotel

The White Hart Hotel is a significant building which had been redundant for a number of years. The project has returned this key property back into good use with the regenerated building encompassing a restaurant and bar, and en suite B&B accommodation, which will be a considerable asset to Pontypool, with a number of full and part time jobs being created. The work included external repairs and renewals, internal refurbishment to create B&B accommodation to the first floor areas and restaurant with bar to the ground floor.

The Gateway Credit Union

The Gateway Credit Union occupies a prominent position in Commercial Street opposite Market Street and is the savings and loans co-op for everyone who lives or works in Torfaen or Monmouthshire. The project saw the reinstatement of a traditional 1930s shop front. The property was originally built in the 19th Century but severely damaged by fire in the late 1920s. It was partially rebuilt, including the façade, in 1930. The work also saw the reinstatement of a hanging sign and an awning in order to limit solar glare.

No 9 Crane Street

No.9 Crane Street is a notable property positioned adjacent to Crane Street Baptist Church in the centre of Crane Street, and had been vacant for some time. The project has returned this important building back into good use. The regenerated building will encompass a hair salon on the ground floor, creating a number of jobs, and residential accommodation on the first floor. The work includes external repairs and renewals – a new shop front; new windows and doors; replacement roof covering; rebuilding of chimney stack; structural repairs to gable wall; replacement rainwater goods; fasciae and the like.

The Globe Hotel

Work is currently being undertaken on the former Globe Hotel, a substantial three bay, three storey property situated on Crane Street, which had been redundant for over two years. The project will return this key building back into good use. The regenerated building will encompass a ground floor retail unit; a ground floor office space; a first floor office space; 2 first floor residential flats; and a second floor residential flat. The work will include external repairs and renewals and internal refurbishment to convert the space from a redundant public house into retail/office and residential space. It is anticipated that on completion a number of full and part time jobs will be created.

Last Modified: 03/07/2019
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