WEA Workers' Educational Association

Brief explanation of your project

The WEA is a voluntary movement committed to the promotion and provision of educational opportunities in the widest sense, with due regard to Welsh language and culture, and the diversity of communities in Wales, and is concerned particularly with those outside traditional education provision.

WEA seeks to empower learners in and through their learning. The Association recognises the tensions between and the interdependence of personal, social and career goals in education. WEA is committed to providing education for participation, whether in local communities or in a wider democratic sense. It is responsive to the needs of individuals and their communities for liberal and other education.

Where is it available?

Anywhere in Torfaen

Who is it for?

Anyone over the age of 16.

What can it offer?

A return to learning or for some, the first chance to learn. The courses that are offered include: Skills for Getting Back in to Work, Maths and English support, Art and Craft courses, Computer classes, Active Citizenship, Community Development and many more.

Why is the scheme important?

The WEA does not discriminate between people and all learners are valued and recognised as equals. We offer courses in local communities so that it is more suitable for those who attend.

Main contacts:

James Fleming and Louise Gilmore 01495 369869

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
For more information contact:

WEA Workers’ Educational Association

Tel: 01495 369869

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