Break Through

Break Through is an exciting project for lone parents in Torfaen funded by a grant from the Department and Work and Pensions Flexible Support Fund Grant

Where is it available?

Torfaen County Borough

Who is it for?

Support is available to unemployed lone parents who are looking to return to work.

What can it offer you?

It provides support to lone parents to access opportunities for improving skills whilst removing the childcare barrier. Parents will have access to the following support

  • Experienced Parent Advisors who will host two unique Lone Parent Cafes; Leadon Court in Thornhill & Penygarn ICC.
  • Tailored individual Personal Action Plans
  • Free childcare supporting course such as Confidence Building, Assertiveness, Motivation, Food Hygiene, First Aid and Interview Skills
  • A Work Club offering free creche
  • Access to a barrier fund for transport, private childcare, bespoke training and clothing is also available

Why is the scheme important?

Currently, there is no specific support solely for lone parents in Torfaen. Break Through is an early intervention project providing support to combat barriers such as social isolation, low skills levels, confidence, lack of work experience and childcare.

Break Through are using this grant from the DWP to help make a real difference for lone parents in the Torfaen area.

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
For more information contact:

Torfaen Employability Team

Tel: 01633 647743

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