Immigration Visits

What the Council will do if you ask for an Immigration Visit?

If you ask the Council to assess your home for an immigration application, we will require evidence that you have suitable housing accommodation within the United Kingdom. This evidence must show that the premises you intend to occupy does not have any category one hazards and will not become overcrowded when you take up residence. The British High Commissions in various countries will accept evidence from a private surveyor or the local authority.

What we need from you

We must see the request from the relevant High Commission to enable us to verify the name of the person entering the country and the address they intend to occupy. It is also important that the request shows the High Commission’s reference number as we need this for any correspondence. 

What we will do for you 

Upon receipt of the High Commission’s request the Council will send you an invoice for £98.75 + VAT (2 bedroom) / £120.85 + VAT (3 bedroom) / £142.90 + VAT (4 bedroom) / £22.00 + VAT (per additional bedroom) to cover the cost of this service. On proof of a receipt for payment the Council will arrange an appointment to survey the property. This will normally be within 10 working days. 

Following the inspection the Council will provide the British High Commission with a report of the property, a copy of which will be sent to the sponsor, again this will normally be within 10 days.

Last Modified: 11/10/2021
For more information contact:

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