Is there a charge for support?

Following the amalgamation of the former Supporting People Revenue Grant (SPRG) and Supporting People Grant (SPG) in August 2012 we have reviewed internal Supporting People processes in relation to payment procedures. As part of this review we identified a number of improvements that can improve efficiency and consistency in processing payments, helping us to ensure that we meet our corporate standing orders, enhance the capacity of the Supporting People Team and provide a more equitable approach towards delivering the programme.

The Supporting People Programme has undergone significant change at a national level and the new guidance issued in 2012 (updated in June 2013) has allowed the Local Authority greater freedom in the administration of the Supporting People Programme Grant. Under previous Supporting People Grant (SPG) terms and conditions, recipients of services were required to meet the eligibility for SPG funding through an application process or alternatively could pay for services via their own resources should they not meet the thresholds. Recent guidance from Welsh Government indicated that charging policies could now be determined by the Local Authority.

The Torfaen Supporting People Local Planning Group has carefully considered Torfaen’s approach to charging for the provision of Supporting People Programme Grant (SPPG) and has concluded that all Supporting People Programme Grant housing related support services will be delivered free of charge to users of services and on a needs led basis.

Providers of housing related support services have been asked to implement this policy change from April 2014.

Last Modified: 26/06/2019
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