How do Supporting People plan services?

There are a number of ways the Supporting People Team collect information from people, groups and different organisations to assess what services are needed in the borough: 

Gwent Needs Mapping Exercise (GNME) 

The Gwent Supporting People Teams have worked together to develop a common way of collecting information on the support needs of vulnerable people. The Gwent Needs Mapping Exercise is a simple ‘tick box’ form, usually completed by support workers with clients asking a series of questions about an individuals support needs. GNME data is collected on a Torfaen and Gwent-wide basis. 

Service User Involvement 

We aim to ensure that vulnerable people in Torfaen have an opportunity to have their say about service provision and availability. We try to attend a variety of service user events and forums to speak directly and listen to the views of the people who use our services. 

Inclusive Forum

The Joint Supporting People and Homelessness Inclusive Forum is made up of partners and organisations with an interest in the Supporting People and Homelessness in Torfaen. The purpose of the Forum is to:

  • bring all those with an interest in the provision of housing and support services together
  • inform the planning and commissioning processes
  • inform and involve everyone in the development of Supporting People and Homelessness services
  • ensure service users and carers are kept informed and involved
  • link and communicate Supporting People priorities to other local groups and strategies
  • share information and good practice
  • receive regular updates from the Supporting People and Homelessness Teams.

The joint Inclusive Forum currently meets every quarter to discuss areas relevant to all interested parties, such as:

  • Development of the Supporting People Operational Plan
  • Supporting People contracts with providers
  • The Gwent Needs Mapping Exercise (GNME)
  • Communication of Supporting People
  • The Planning and Commissioning Framework
  • Homelessness support services
  • Homelessness operational matters
  • Homelessness legislation
  • The housing options service

If you would like more information about Joint Inclusive Forum meetings please contact the Supporting People Team with your name, job title, organisation, contact address and email. 


The Supporting People Team regularly consult with interested people and groups on a range of subjects relating to housing related support. Current consultation documents are published on our consultation page and views are welcomed from individuals, stakeholders and community groups. 

Strategies and Research 

The Supporting People team consider plans made by other organisations and teams to support shared and similar aims. We also look at research relating to housing related support and vulnerable persons to make sure that we include emerging good practice in our plans. 

All this information is gathered and written into a report which is given to the Supporting People Planning Group who make decisions about housing related support services in Torfaen. 

The Supporting People Planning group also commissioned an independent piece of research with a purpose to help improve the system of services for vulnerable young people in Torfaen. Improving the system of services for vulnerable young people is the research into an approach to the housing, social care and support needs of young homeless people and young people leaving care in Torfaen. 

The report concludes that the model of housing & related support provision in Torfaen is exemplary for wales, but also makes 19 recommendations for how the system of services could improve. These recommendations are being taken forward through an improvement action plan overseen by the supporting people planning group. 

If you would like more information please contact us.

Young Persons Accommodation Strategy

In February 2013, Torfaen launched its Young Persons Accommodation Strategy .

The strategy was developed following research undertaken by Cardiff University and Shelter Cymru, into the housing needs of young people living in Torfaen.

The strategy seeks to address the recommendations of the research through a pathway approach and by utilising existing services to provide a more holistic and co-ordinated service to young people.

The priorities of the strategy are:

  • Early intervention and prevention
  • An integrated approach to prevention at the point of crisis
  • Support and stabilisation
  • Move on and resettlement

Through the implementation of this strategy, Torfaen will work towards reducing homelessness and increasing the housing options available to young people.

Last Modified: 26/06/2019
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