Annual Report of the Director of Social Services 2010-2011

The Annual Report 2010-2011 was the third formal report of the Director of Social Services (in Torfaen, the statutory responsibility lay with the Locality Director, Social Care, Housing and Health).

This third report assessed the progress made since 2009-10, considering evidence from service users, carers and key partners. It also identified priorities for further improvement.

The report, and the evidence underpinning it, has been used by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate (CSSIW) to determine their review and inspection activity in Torfaen and we continue to work alongside them to see continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.

The report reflects on the challenges faced as a result of the increasing demand for services combined with the significant financial pressure facing the council as a whole and outlines how, by working more closely with other local authorities and our partners in the third sector, scarce resources are being stretched as far as possible.

While these pressures are difficult to manage, they reflect the fact that more children with complex needs are living into adulthood, frail older people are surviving longer and more adults with disabilities are being supported to live independently in the community.

This is good news for society but does place additional responsibilities upon social care departments to stretch resources even further.

The Annual Report is supported by overviews of Children’s Services 2010-2011, Adult Services 2010-2011 and Organisational Capacity 2010-2011 which provide additional information about performance and set out specific actions for the current year.

Torfaen's Annual Report 2011-2012 was published in August 2012.

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