Annual Report of the Director of Social Services - 2009-2010

In June 2010, Torfaen published its second Annual Report of the Director of Social Services (in Torfaen, the statutory responsibility lies with the Locality Director, Social Care, Housing and Health). 

This second report assesses the progress made since the first report in 2008-09, considering evidence from service users, carers and key partners. It also identifies priorities for further improvement.

The theme throughout the second annual report is how we work together across council departments, with neighbouring councils and with other organisations, like the NHS, police and the independent and voluntary sector to manage our collective resources, focussing on agreed priorities and targeting those with the highest needs. This is going to be increasingly important in the current economic climate.

The report is supported by overviews of Children’s Services 2009-2010, Adult Services 2009-2010 and Organisational Capacity 2009-2010 which provide additional information about performance and set out specific actions for the current year.

Torfaen's Annual Report 2010/11 has now been published.

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