Independent Living

Gardening Schemes

There are a wide range of organisations that offer a gardening service to older residents. The service may be chargeable and a list of organisations that currently offer the service have been listed below.

Cwmbran Community Council

Tel: 01633 624152

Melin Homes Ground Force Training Scheme

Tel: 0845 310 1102

Probation Service Community Payback Scheme

Tel: 07779035897

Help in the Home

Age Concern offers a range of services to enable people to live independently in their own home, including, cleaning, shopping, help in the garden and handyman Service. To find out more about their services, visit the Age Concern website.

Maintenance and Repairs

Care & Repair Torfaen enables older and disabled people residing within Torfaen to stay in their own home with increased comfort, warmth and security by either arranging repairs or adaptations to be carried out to homes or advising on such works. 

Reducing your Risk of Falling

If you are an older person and you have fallen once, unfortunately you are more likely to fall again. Torfaen’s Falls Service runs programmes to help reduce the risk of you falling over again. For more information on reducing your risk of falling and the clinics that are run, visit the Torfaen Falls Service area of the website.

Telecare and Assistive Technology

Modern technology now plays a large part in helping older people and those with disabilities to live independently. Assistive technology is a term used to cover a wide range of technology-related assistance which enables people to perform tasks that they would otherwise be unable to do, or provides a safer environment within the home. Further information on the Telecare and Life Line Service is available here. 

Last Modified: 01/04/2022
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Call Torfaen

Tel: 01495 762200



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