Wisdom, Wealth and Well-being - new opportunities for a connected Wales

A significant new programme has been launched in Torfaen to unleash the huge, under-used wealth of wisdom of the people of Wales. Aimed at the ‘pivot generation’ or citizens aged 45 - 65, the programme is driven by the belief that Wales has huge, untapped potential with citizens this age being a major asset.

Torfaen Local Service Board has joined forces with Cisco, a worldwide leader in networking to address two of the world’s most notable and positive trends:

  • People living significantly longer and healthier lives
  • The power of broadband-enabled communication to change the way people of all ages work, live, play and learn.

The programme aims to combine these two major trends to transform the wellbeing of individuals, communities and the economy.

It is jointly led by the Torfaen Local Service Board and Cisco, working in close collaboration with other bodies including the Big Lottery, the Princes Trust and local citizen groups.

The first phase of the programme ran from January to September 2011 and was an intensive ‘discovery’ phase engaging with citizens and employers to understand local aspirations, constraints and possibilities, assess the most-significant existing research globally, and consider the most exciting and relevant communication technology possibilities. The Phase 1 Report can be found here.

This gave sufficient weight to pursue a second phase where we have developed a proto type web based programme and used a small cohort of people from Torfaen (around 100 people) with colleagues across the globe to test out our theories around sharing the wisdom of the ‘pivot generation’ – those aged between 45 and 65 – to mentor and advise people of all ages on employability and life affecting issues.

The second phase of the programme ran from October 2011 to December 2012 included the development of a Wisdom Bank web based product which we have been able to test out with a number of pioneers and collaborators from residents of Torfaen and local public services. The success of this testing and the wider explorations on what can be done in the future has been very exciting. The Phase 2 Report can be found here.

The Wisdom Wealth and Wellbeing programme board embarked on a third phase in January 2013. A Big Lottery award of just under £250k will allow us to develop the Wisdom Bank technology to a more sophisticated web programme and to develop and test out our agreed topic areas. These include support for developing entrepreneurs and new businesses; support for carers and care leavers; managing chronic conditions starting with diabetes; further exploration of community harmony issues.

For information call WWW programme manager Sue Browne on 01495 766147 or email sue.browne@torfaen.gov.uk

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
For more information contact:

Wisdom Bank Project Manager

Tel: 01495 766958

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