Seven projects to boost Wisdom, Wealth and Wellbeing

The Wisdom, Wealth and Wellbeing programme, launched by the Torfaen Local Service Board (LSB) in March 2011, looked to unleash the huge, under-used wealth of wisdom of the people of Wales and in particular Torfaen residents.

Aimed initially at people aged 45 – 65, the programme is driven by the belief the ‘pivot generation’ has huge, untapped potential with citizens this age being a major asset.

As well as considering existing global research, the ‘discovery’ phase of the programme engaged with citizens, employers and business leaders, locally and nationally, to consider three main things:

  • Aspirations and attitudes
  • Capabilities and constraints
  • Communications and connections

The LSB has joined forces with Cisco, a worldwide leader in networking to address two of the world’s most notable and positive trends:

  • people living significantly longer and healthier lives
  • the power of broadband-enabled communication to change the way people of all ages work, live, play and learn.

The programme aims to use these two major trends to transform the well-being of individuals, communities and the economy in Torfaen.

During Phase 1, between April and July 2011, approximately fifty interviews and three workshop sessions, combined with perspectives from over forty wider sources, gave a valuable insight into how this age group work, live and think, the potential to take better advantage of their talents, and how video and other new broadband-enabled communications might help to make this possible and practical.

Findings from the initial research demonstrated: the pivot generation is real and increasingly significant; people want to remain useful; there’s a high demand from employers for softer ‘life skills’; complex life stages require greater flexibility with roles and needs evolving; and communities and connections are hugely important to people. A copy of the Wisdom, Wealth and Wellbeing - New opportunities for a connected Wales - Phase 1 findings can be downloaded here.

Seven project ideas emerged as having the most scope to have large-scale, lasting value to people, communities and the economy in Torfaen. The Programme Board oversaw further development in Phase 2, which focused on translating concept into reality; by examining how the "Wisdom Bank" idea might add significant value in particular situations. The initial work of the proto type and our test group means that several of the ideas below can be delivered through the medium of the Wisdom Bank (bringing it together with the Wisdom Link) and we are now into a third phase, funded by the Big Lottery, to apply the lessons learned so far and develop a programme that can be used across a wide range of services and organisations.

The seven projects are:

  • Wisdom Bank – a prominent on-line showcase of people’s skills and capabilities
  • Wisdom Link – a ‘community communication platform’ to access the Wisdom Bank and other relevant services
  • Amazing Eight – to showcase and celebrate the wealth of Torfaen talent from inspirational personal stories
  • Celebrate Flexibility – inspirational examples of flexibility working for businesses and employees
  • Open Torfaen – a web-based platform to inspire and capitalise on innovation and help fuel economic and personal growth
  • Virtual Mentor – offering support using real-life experience to help people overcome life issues
  • Learning Hub – a community educational network to maximise learning potential through inter-generational support.

Wisdom, Wealth and Wellbeing programme board meetings are held every two months and membership for phase three can be seen here.

For more information call Wisdom Bank project manager Matthew Basham on 01495 766958 or email

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
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