Wisdom Wealth and Wellbeing Programme Board for Phase 3 (Oct 11 – Oct 14)

Wisdom Wealth and Wellbeing Programme Board for Phase 3
NameRole on Programme BoardEmploying Organisation & Role
Alison Ward Chair LSB Executive Group and TCBC Chief Executive
Adrian Huckin Vice Chair Melin Homes: Director of Communities & Enterprise
Lynn Tanner Supporting volunteering
Torfaen Voluntary Alliance: Chair
Anne Evans Business Manager
Matt Lewis Project Group Lead for technology & enablement TCBC: SRS, Chief Operating Officer
Cath Thomas Project Group Lead for business, employment & innovation TCBC: Head of Regeneration / Heads of the Valleys
Dawson Evans Group Leader Economy, Enterprise And Tourism
Maria Evans Project Group Lead for informal caring and care leavers TCBC: Manager of Social Care Commissioning Unit
Michelle Booth Project Group Lead for community harmony


Gwent Police: Chief Inspector, Head of Neighbourhood Policing
Nick McLain Partnership Inspector
Bobby Bolt

Project Group Lead for self health / self care of chronic conditions - diabetes

Aneurin Bevan Health Board: Head of Primary Care Division
Bev Davies Pan Gwent lead for diabetes

Cath Stenson

Supporting several topic areas & link to volunteers

Bron Afon Housing: Head of Inclusion & Support
Duncan Abraham Lead for design and development of phase three product TCBC: SRS Development Projects Manager

Lee Godfrey

Supporting whole programme on behalf of Cisco

Cisco: Public Services Strategic Accounts Manager

Dr Carolyn Wallace

Supporting whole programme

Academia & PhD student lead

Henna Cheema

Providing links to young people for all project areas

Prince’s Trust: Public Sector Partnership Manager

Neil Jones

Lead for communications & branding

TCBC: Head of Communications

Guy Lacey

Providing links to young people for all project areas

Coleg Gwent: Vice Principal for External Affairs

Karen Padfield

Providing links to young people for entrepreneurship & tackling neets

TCB: Communities Services Unit, Head of Youth Learning and Support

Tom Wood

Providing links to business mentors for entrepreneurship &: tackling neets

Consultant at RWA Group, Blaenavon: finance conduct authority compliance to small & large businesses

Sue Browne

Overall programme manager

TCBC: PSSU Policy & Planning Manager & overall WWW Programme Manager

Matthew Basham

Project manager

TCBC: Wisdom Bank Project Manager

Lyndon Puddy

Supporting the Chair and screening all agenda’s, minutes and any issues arising

TCBC: Interim Head of PSSU


Nicola Simpson & Madhulata Patel

Observing the WWW programme in relation to collaborative working across the public sector and between public and private sector, including decision making.

PhD students

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