Seaside-style salmon* with mashed potato and vegetables

Salmon fillet in a salt and vinegar flavoured batter with mashed potato and a selection of vegetables, bread and spread

* Formed, skinless & boneless MSC Salmon fillet in a vinegar flavoured batter

Why we chose this dish

Our Pupils’ Choice

"The salmon is to die for" Tyler, Pontnewydd Jnrs

"The salmon is so delicious it is spectacular" Taylor, Pontnewydd Jnr

"It is cooked well and it is mouth-watering. Every time it is salmon my mouth starts to water, especially when there is extras mmmmm!!" Levi, Blenheim Road

"I like the fillet because it is something different that our cooks make" Lily, St Davids

"It’s nice because the vinegar gives that nice touch to it- sandwiches are not as nice" Jack, Garnteg

Our Dietitian’s Choice

"Oil rich fish like salmon are full of Omega 3. Omega 3 is from the branch of "healthier fats" that are essential in the diet, and may help protect the heart and blood vessels from disease. In addition to Omega 3, oily fish are a good source of Vitamin A and D, and protein. It is oven baked on site to ensure no additional oil is added by our cooks when they prepare this.

We understand that some children may not be used to the taste of oily fish, so we have chosen salmon, salmon being milder in taste than some other oily fish. Most children are unaware that this fish is anything other than they are used to. Being coated in batter and produced by "Harry Ramsdens", it is a firm favourite amongst pupils."

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