Lemon drizzle cake and cream with a glass of milk

Lemon drizzle cake with cream and milk drink

Why we chose this dish

Our Pupils’ Choice

"Love it" Sofi, Greenmeadow Primary

"Delish!" Jessica, Greenmeadow Primary

"Delicious!" Poppy, Greenmeadow Primary

Our Dietitian’s Choice

"This sponge is a healthier recipe specifically for our school pupils, with reduced fat and sugar, and baked with a small portion of lemon giving just a ripple of sweetness whilst contributing to Vitamin C intake. And, of course, the glass of milk accompaniment makes a substantial contribution to the calcium content of this dessert.

Worried about calories, fat or sugar? Our recipes and menus are carefully considered to ensure pupils are not being served excess calories, fat or sugar.

I personally undertake nutritional analysis of our primary menus prior to publishing to ensure that they meet Welsh Government Standards for school lunches. This means that they contain on average around a third of pupils’ daily nutrient requirements. This includes meeting standards for maximum calories, fat, saturated fat and sugar."

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