Hot dog with oven baked potato wedges and peas and sweetcorn

Hot dog with oven baked potato wedges, peas and sweetcorn

Why we chose this dish

Our Pupils’ Choice

"I don’t like any hot dog bread except Garnteg hot dog bread. I don’t eat hot dogs anywhere else, even from the BBQ" Grace, Garnteg

"It gives a tasty taste into your mouth" Ffion, Garnteg

Our Dietitian’s Choice

"We chose our sausages carefully to be a healthier choice specifically formulated for schools with lower fat and salt. That said, we are aware that sausages, as a meat product (rather than straight meat cut) are a processed food, and we should all be reducing our intake of processed meat. So, we diligently comply with Healthy Eating Regs in our schools and limit the occurrence of these on our menu to a maximum of twice a week. Our potato wedges are, of course, oven baked to limit fat and saturated fat intake. Our finger rolls, made with white flour (all of which is fortified with iron in the UK) is a good choice of traditional accompaniment. Pupils are encouraged to participate in increasing their veg consumption, again with two veg options served alongside."

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