Garlic and herb chicken, new potatoes, homemade coleslaw, veg or salad and crusty roll

Garlic and herb chicken with new baby potatoes, coleslaw, steamed vegetables or mixed salad and a crusty roll

Why we chose this dish

NEW RECIPE! Awaiting pupil feedback.

Are you a primary pupil trying this new dish for the first time?

Your views are actively sought. Please forward your feedback to We would love to hear your comments. Is this a winning dish or one that still needs working on?

Our Dietitian’s Choice

"These UK Red Tractor accredited chicken breast fillet portions coated with a tasty garlic and herb glaze, are oven baked so are low in fat, low in saturated fat, and also a source of both iron and zinc. Whilst poor old carbs often get a beating in the press, we need carbs for slow release energy and to help our pupils stay focussed throughout the day. With new potatoes and a crusty roll, pupils are well set for their afternoon in the classroom. Here, we also serve with both salad and homemade coleslaw giving our pupils a fair shot at their 5 a day!"

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