Chocolate orange whirl and mandarins

Chocolate orange whirl and mandarins

Why we chose this dish

Our Pupils’ Choice

“I would choose this because I love food and I love chocolate” Bethanie, Llantarnam

“Because it’s nice” Isabella, Llantarnam

“It’s really good” Amy, Crownbridge

“Delicious” Tyler, Crownbridge

Our Dietitian’s Choice

“Our schools are not permitted to offer confectionery, including chocolate bars, sweets, cereal bars and crisps. However, this does not stop us being able to recreate a low fat rich chocolate orange flavour dessert using ingredients that include cocoa powder and orange juice. This allows us to offer a tasty dessert, which, on its own contains enough Vitamin C to meet a primary pupil's daily requirements. Served with a portion of mandarins, a great contribution to 5 a day targets.”

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