Vanilla ice cream with mandarins

Vanilla Ice Cream with Mandarins

Why we chose this dish

Our Pupils’ Choice

“This is my choice because you can dip the fruit into the ice-cream” Cai, Garnteg Primary

“The ice-cream is really nice and when you add the fruit with it, it is even more nice” Leah, Garnteg Primary

Our Dietitian’s Choice

 “Most of us have been caught out at some stage by portion sizes that have been creeping up. Here, our individual 80ml ice cream tubs ensure that pupils receive exactly the correct size portion. Committed to our environmental responsibilities, we are pleased to confirm that from October 2020 these individual ice cream tubs will be fully compostable in 180 days, with a fully recyclable lid. Measured ice cream served with a portion of fruit counting as one of your child’s 5 a day, what is not to like?”

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