Salmon and sweet potato fish cake with mashed potato and beans

Salmon and Sweet Potato Fish Cake with Mashed Potato and Beans

Why we chose this dish

Our Dietitian’s Choice

"Oil rich fish like salmon are full of Omega 3. Omega 3 is from the branch of "healthier fats" that are essential in the diet, and may help protect the heart and blood vessels from disease. In addition to Omega 3, oily fish are a good source of Vitamin A and D, and protein. This fishcake is oven baked on site with no added oil at cooking stage.

We understand that some children may not be used to the taste of oily fish, so we have chosen salmon with it being milder in taste than some other oily fish, and mixed into a fishcake along with sweet potato enhancing the taste whilst adding to the fibre, vitamin and mineral content of the dish.

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