Roast turkey with stuffing with roast and boiled potatoes, seasonal vegetables and gravy

Roast Turkey with Stuffing with Roast and Boiled Potatoes, Vegetables and Gravy

Why we chose this dish

Our Pupils’ Choice

“This dish is my choice because it is my favourite meal on the weekend and is to die for” Jayden, Pontnewydd Primary

 “I love turkey dinner because it is the same as cooked dinner at home and I just love everything” James, Garnteg Primary

“Cooked dinners – the turkey dinner is my favourite meal” Megan, Blenheim Road Primary

Our Dietitian’s Choice

“Carved from a turkey joint, our turkey dinner with stuffing is low in fat and saturated fat whilst a good source of both iron and zinc. We give our cooks a choice of vegetables to select from (never less than two), and pupils are offered both roast and boiled potatoes. Our roast potatoes are oven roasted with a measured amount of olive oil, olive oil being the healthier (unsaturated) choice of fat.”

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