Quorn burger in a bun with chips and seasonal vegetables

Quorn Burger in a Bun with Chips and Vegetables

Why we chose this dish

Our Pupil’s Choice

“They are spicy and I love them!”, Isla, Griffithstown

“I LOVE THEM !”, Keira, Griffithstown

“I didn’t like it …. I loved it!”, Tina- Marie, Griffithstown

“10 out of 10”, Tyler, Griffithstown

“Thumbs up”, Riliy, Griffithstown

Our Dietitian’s Choice

“Plant based foods can play a role in our diets for health and sustainability, however the challenge is in ensuring that we lose none of the taste and flavour enjoyed by our pupils. Our cooks taste tested these and are confident they will be a winner with our pupils. And reading the reports from the pupils, above, I think it is safe to say our pupils agree!”

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