Chocolate orange beet cake and custard

Chocolate Orange Beet Cake and Custard

Why we chose this dish

Our Pupils’ Choice

“Sponge – it’s lush” Esma, New Inn

Our Dietitian’s Choice

“Some parents may think this is a strange choice for a dietitian, we are after all being advised to cut down on foods high in fat and sugar. This recipe is dietitian’s choice for a number of reasons. The recipe is formulated to contain less fat per portion and minimal added sugar (sugar is found naturally in fruit, fruit juices and veg). The addition of small quantities of both treacle and cocoa powder, along with the fresh beetroot make a substantial contribution to iron levels in this dessert. Containing a triple whammy of fresh oranges, orange juice and fresh beetroot, this dessert is also a source of Vitamin C.

In addition, our custard, made with fresh milk is a great contributor to pupil’s calcium requirements (for strong bones and teeth) and zinc (for healthy growth and healthy immune function).”

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