Mild beef chilli and rice served with potato wedges, seasonal vegetables or salad

Mild Beef Chilli and Rice with Potato Wedges, Vegetables or Salad

Why we chose this dish

Our Pupils’ Choice

“Love it!” Miley, Greenmeadow Primary

“I love it!” Sofi, Greenmeadow Primary

Our Dietitian’s Choice

"The number of children who do not get enough iron or zinc in their diet is quite high. For some children, increasing their intake of foods containing these nutrients could make a difference to mood, behaviour and learning. The mildly spiced minced beef provides a good source of iron and zinc, as do our homemade, oven baked (with no oil) wedges. The tomato-based chilli sauce benefits from added veg, so rest assured, even those a bit shy on accepting the veg accompaniment get a hidden bonus. We try and vary our carbohydrate accompaniments, here using boiled rice for slow release energy to set up our pupils for the afternoon session. What is not to like about this dish?"

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