Strips of chicken breast with sweet and sour vegetable noodles, tortilla wrap and salad

Chicken Breast with Sweet and Sour Vegetable Noodles, Tortilla Wrap and Salad

Why we chose this dish

Our Dietitian’s Choice

 “A new recipe so no pupil quotes as yet. Low in fat and a good source of protein, chicken is always a firm favourite with pupils, and so, we are trying out a new recipe with vegetables and noodles in a Sweet and Sour Sauce. We hope to ensure that school meals are keeping up with more modern tastes.

So, with veg in the sauce with the noodles and salad served alongside, both contributing to pupils’ 5 a Day, we are hoping this will soon become another firm favourite in our schools.”

Are you a primary pupil trying this new dish for the first time?

Your views are actively sought. Please forward your feedback to We would love to hear your comments. Is this a winning dish or one that still needs working on?

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