Homemade chicken curry with rice and seasonal vegetables and naan bread

Chicken Curry with Rice and Vegetables, Naan Bread

Why we chose this dish

Our Pupils’ Choice

“The korma is lush” Isabelle, Pontnewydd Juniors

“I like this because I like the taste and I really like mild curry!!!!” Daisy, Pontnewydd Juniors

“It is my favourite food, I love it so much” Ciara, Cwmffrwdoer

“This dish is my choice because they always give you enough to fill up” Kai, Our Lady of the Angels Primary

“A nice spice but not too much and it’s really nice” Everly, Llantarnam

Our Dietitian’s Choice

“Whilst this homemade choice is only mildly spiced to appeal to as wide a range of pupils as possible, the quality diced chicken breast, paprika and curry powder all make substantial contributions to the iron and zinc content of this meal. It has the bonus of onions, apricots and mixed peppers in the homemade sauce, again increasing fruit and veg content.”

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