Cheese and tomato pizza with chips, peas or baked beans

Cheese and Tomato Pizza with Chips, Peas or Baked Beans

Why we chose this dish

Our Pupils’ Choice

"This is my choice because pizza in the school is the best" Oliver, New Inn Primary

"The pizza is to die for" Justin, Pontnewydd Juniors

"I like the pizza because it is yummy" Oscar, St Davids

"It is my favourite meal I have every week" Joshua, Blenheim Road

"Pizza is good! Pizza is tasty! I like pizza! And your cooking is good!" Cadey, Blenheim Road

"I like the chips, they are really soft. On the pizza, on the top, they just put enough of everything on so you can taste it all" Isabelle, Garnteg

Our Dietitian’s Choice

"We use a pizza base with added wholemeal flour, as all of us should be aiming to increase our fibre intakes to aid good digestion. Topped with tomatoes and cheese, and oven baked, this gives our pupils a good source of calcium for strong bones and teeth. Our chips are, of course, oven baked to limit fat and saturated fat intake. Pupils are encouraged to participate in increasing their veg consumption, here we offer baked beans that are reduced in both salt and sugar, or peas, both of which are a source of iron."

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