Beefburger in a bun with chips and seasonal vegetables

Beefburger in a Bun with Chips and Vegetables

Why we chose this dish

Our Pupils’ Choice

"This dish is my choice because everyone likes it, I think plus it is a treat for everyone" Honey, Blenheim Road

"I like the taste of the beef in the middle and the chips are tasty" Lola, Garnteg

"I like meat and bread so burger" Rhodri, Padre Pio

Our Dietitian’s Choice

"A source of both iron and zinc, our burgers are never less than 80% meat and are always oven baked. We care – in line with Welsh Government Standards, you will find that we never have more than 2 meat products on our menu all week. Our chips are, of course, oven baked to limit fat and saturated fat intake. Our rolls, made with white flour (all of which is fortified with iron in the UK) is a good choice of traditional accompaniment. Pupils are encouraged to participate in increasing their veg consumption, here with a choice of vegetables contributing to their 5 a day."

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