Incredible Years Baby Group

Who is it for?

Are you a mum or dad with a baby aged 0-5 months that would like some support in creating the best environment for your baby to develop?

If the answer is “yes”, then we provide a space for you to get together with other mums, dads and your babies to have time to focus on being the best version of you. The younger your baby the better as it gives you more chance to practice these new skills.

Practical information

Each session is for 2 hours and takes place over 9 weeks.

What are the benefits?

  • How focussing on your own emotional wellbeing supports you to be a better mum or dad.
  • How you can build that bond with your baby, increase their security and set them up for positive relationships in their life.
  • Understand how your babies brain works and how it will develop.
  • Learn how to give your baby a massage that helps you and them relax and you feel more connected.
  • Identify when and how to introduce solid foods into your baby’s diet with ideas of the foods you can try.
  • Recognise the importance of play. How it can be fun, help your baby learn to talk enhance learning, stimulate their brain, and support the bond between you and your baby.
  • Identify things you can do to increase the safety of your home.
  • Meet other new mums and dads and be able to share your journey with them and make new friendships.
  • Experience support from other mums and dads that are at the same stage of parenting as you.


  • “Really useful as a first time mum having the opportunity to talk and ask questions. It’s getting me thinking about the future and being prepared in advance for when my baby starts weaning and starting to crawl etc. Thank you!”
  • “Really enjoyed the programme. I learned lots of new play ideas and found the weaning session and safety sessions really useful. I learned lots of things that I didn’t know. Thank you.”
Last Modified: 19/01/2023
For more information contact:

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