ELKLAN 'Let's Talk With Your Baby'

Who is it for?

The Elklan ‘Let’s talk with your baby’ group is for mums and dads with a baby aged between 3-12 months who are looking to prepare baby for saying those first words and beyond.

Practical information

Each session is 1 hour 30 minutes and takes place over 8 sessions.

What are the benefits?

  • Look at the healthiest ways to interact with your baby and preparing them to talk.
  • Finding out how to improve the connection with your baby and set them up for life.
  • We’ll show you how to create an environment that stimulates their senses by learning fun and interactive activities.
  • Learn about eye contact, shared attention, exploring textures, singing and enjoying music, water play, turn taking, exploring and moving and baby massage.
  • You can meet other new mums and dads and be able to share your journey with them and make new friendships.
  • Experience support from other mums and dads that are at the same stage of parenting as you.


  • “Being around other mums and children has really helped us both, I go to other groups but they don’t really bother with us, in this group it is so friendly and welcoming and we talk about anything, everyone has been there for me during the difficult time with teething and him not sleeping. Parents have given me advice too in what I can use.”
Last Modified: 19/01/2023
For more information contact:

Torfaen Early Years Family Support
Tel: 07950187925

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