How to get involved with the Youth Offending Team

Opportunities to become more involved in your local Yot: 

  • Community Panel Members – to support the work of Referral Orders (See Referral Order page) 
  • Sessional workers – to support the Yot in a range of work including
    • To supervise young people on reparation 
    • To carry out ‘National Standard’ visits
    • To accompany young people to ‘constructive leisure’ activities i.e. gym, army cadets
    • To complete Appropriate Adult duties for young people at the police station
    • To transport young people to Referral Order Panel meetings
    • To be involved in the Community Against Drugs activities

Everyone working with the Yot will be required to complete a ‘Criminal Records Bureau’ check and will be provided with full training.

Anyone interested in receiving more information about any aspect of the Yot’s work should telephone 01495 768300.

More information is available on the Youth Justice Board website.

Last Modified: 20/01/2022
For more information contact:

Youth Offending Team

Tel: 01495 768300

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