Cost of living payment

The Welsh Government has announced that a £150 cost of living payment is to be made to all occupiers of properties that are in bands A, B, C and D, along with those that receive council tax reduction (formerly known as council tax benefit), regardless of what band their property is in (A to I).

The £150 is not a rebate on the council tax bill, it is a payment to help with the rising cost of all utility bills.

Every household that qualifies will receive a payment, even if you don’t pay council tax because you receive council tax reduction.

There will be ONE payment per eligible household and you will receive the payment into your bank account, it cannot be deducted from your council tax bill.

Empty properties and second homes are NOT eligible for a payment, only properties that were occupied on the 15th February 2022.

How will I get my payment?

First stage of payments – now closed

If you were paying your council tax by direct debit on the 15 February 2022 you will have already received a payment direct to your bank account.

Second stage of payments - now closed

If you weren’t paying your council tax by direct debit on the 15 February 2022, you were invited to complete an online registration form to receive the cost of living payment.

Next steps if you have not received payment 

Third and final stage of payment – Opens on 18 July and closes on 30 September 2022

We are working with the Post Office to issue a Payment Voucher that can be redeemed in the post office if:

  • You are a resident who appears to fulfil the criteria detailed above and have not received a payment
  • You have requested payment by alternative means
  • You have not registered or your registration failed
  • You have lost your access code 
  • We are unable to make payment to your building society account

We are aiming to issue vouchers which will give full instructions on how to redeem from the 18 July 2022 and they will be valid to the 30 September 2022.

And why not join the vast majority of residents already paying by direct debit? To set up, visit Ways to Pay Torfaen

Discretionary Scheme 

The Welsh Government has provided additional funding to each local authority to enable them to provide support under a discretionary scheme, to help households considered to be in need of assistance with their living costs.

Find out more on the Cost of living payment - Discretionary Scheme page.

Last Modified: 08/07/2022
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