External Funding Database

What is the External Funding Database?

The External Funding Database is an IT based approach to mapping and coordinating externally funded projects throughout the borough.

From the regeneration of Blaenavon to the hi-tech industrial parks of Cwmbran - virtually all of the biggest projects that the Council is involved in rely on external funding. From European funds, Welsh Assembly grants, and the Lottery, we have successfully attracted millions of pounds over many years.

Until the launch of the External Funding Database the coordination of external funding had been inconsistent across the organisation, with services working in isolation on bids, even competing with each other for the same pots of external money.

With local government under growing pressure to make every pound we source and spend go as far as possible, the External Funding Database helps us to make the best use of the funding available.

It gives the council a single source of information about our past use and future plans for every pound of external funding at an individual project level. It also ensures potential bids are standardised, improving their chances of success and that the key people are aware of projects from their earliest stages, meaning bids have been scrutinised before a full application has been submitted.

For more information contact the EU Policy and External Funding Team.

Last Modified: 07/01/2022
For more information contact:

European Policy & External Funding

Tel: 01495 742143 / 01495 742142

Email: europexternalfunding@torfaen.gov.uk

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