Grave Personalisation

The council’s aim is to provide all those who visit a cemetery with a dignified, tranquil and peaceful environment. The council has a responsibility for the safety of the memorials, visitors and staff within the cemetery. In an effort to provide the desired environment and ensure the safety of all, there are a number of regulations in place.

Any plant over 500mm in height is not permitted as over time the roots could undermine the foundation of a memorial thereby affecting its stability and should it become overgrown it could encroach into the area of a neighbouring grave. The Cemetery Office reserves the right to remove any overgrown/unkempt plant as it sees fit.

The council has a responsibility to maintain the grass within all cemeteries to ensure clear access is provided for new burials and re-opening of existing graves.

To assist us in achieving these aims, the following items are not permitted within Torfaen cemeteries.

Items not permitted

Stone chippings

Stone chippings shall not be placed on a grave unless done so by the council. Where stone chippings have been provided by the council within a traditional kerb section, dedicated baby section or dedicated cremated remains section, no other type of stone chipping will be permitted to ensure consistency.

Glass items

Glass items can cause a safety hazard if broken.


The placing of fencing around grave areas in any section is not permitted as it prevents the normal operational management of the cemetery. Historical fencing may remain at the discretion of the cemetery officer and some concessions may be made in the case of baby/children graves. If in doubt, please telephone the Cemetery Office.

Artificial grass

Artificial grass is not permitted except with the prior written consent of the cemetery office because of difficult growing conditions.

Noise and Light

To maintain the sanctity of the cemeteries items that:

  • illuminate (eg, solar lights)
  • move (eg, solar powered devices, windmills)
  • and/or make a noise (eg, wind chimes)

will not be permitted.


Unlit candles contained within a non glass container are permitted. Family members may wish to have a lighted candle during cemetery opening times. This will be permitted provided the candle is not left unattended at any time and is completely extinguished on leaving the cemetery.


Certain items are temporarily allowed to mark a special occasion or anniversary. Please contact the Cemetery Office to discuss your requirements.

The examples given are not intended to be an exhaustive list. If you are unclear as to whether an item is permitted, please contact the Cemetery Office. The decision of the cemetery office in this regard is final.

Removal of items

The Cemetery Office reserves the right to undertake the clearance of unauthorised items as part of the routine maintenance of the cemeteries. Grave owners will be written to on one occasion only about any unauthorised items on their grave and their co-operation is sought in removing these items within three weeks.

Any items not removed by grave owners will be removed by cemetery staff and stored for one month to allow family members to collect these items.

Further incidences of unauthorised items will result in the items being removed once identified and discarded, without notification. Please contact the Cemetery Office should you require further clarification.

Trees or shrubs are not to be used to hang or support items. Any such items will be removed and discarded at once. Wilted flowers, wreaths, shrubs, weeds or other items removed from a grave should be deposited in the bins provided on site. If such items are not removed by the grave owner or family members, the cemetery staff will remove them once identified and discard them. Please note no soil should be deposited in any bin. Any items deemed to be causing a hazard or danger will be immediately removed without notice and discarded.

Last Modified: 18/01/2019
For more information contact:

Cemetery Office
Tel: 01495 766150
Fax: 01633 647328

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