Torfaen Residents Survey 2017

Our latest residents' survey was undertaken between July and September 2017, of which, a total of 2473 responses were received.

The annual residents' survey is your opportunity to tell us whether the actions we are taking on your behalf are making a difference to the lives of the people living in Torfaen.

This year the survey focuses on the key priorities of the council:

  • creating a clean, green Torfaen
  • supporting our most vulnerable residents
  • raising educational attainment

Following the feedback from the last survey we have taken a number of measures based on what people said including:

  • the Torfaen spring clean - a deep cleanse of the borough including roadside verges and open spaces and events to support communities to improve their local environment
  • provided extra funding to enable stronger enforcement of dog fouling and litter
  • provided £1 million extra funding to help improve roads in the borough
  • focussed our capital investment on improving our school buildings
  • invested extra funding for social care services to vulnerable residents

The responses have been analysed by local authority, settlement and community areas.

  • Results - Geographies - A cross-reference table of the geographies used in this analysis, to give a greater understanding of the localities that are situated within the communities and settlements.
  • Results - Analysis Maps - The bulk of the analysis. Here you can choose a question from the drop down list at the top and view the results for each geography. The top section shows results by town, and the bottom section shows the results by community. The results are also displayed as thematic maps alongside the bar charts. Hovering your mouse pointer over the maps will show the results for that question for the area beneath the pointer. You can also zoom in and out of the maps.
  • Results - Traffic Issues - This question asked residents to select the three main issues affecting travel and transport in Torfaen. The top three for each geographic area are shown as red bars. Hovering your mouse pointer over the bars will show the results and rank; a rank of 1 is the highest scored issue, whereas a rank of 11 is the lowest scored issue.
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