Challenging our Performance

The standard of the key services we provide to the public is challenged through 2 distinct processes in Torfaen; Corporate Performance Assessments (CPA) and Executive Member Performance Review Sessions.

Corporate Performance Assessments

CPA sessions are in place to broaden the understanding amongst Cabinet members of performance matters beyond the portfolio for which they are accountable, as well as providing an opportunity to question and challenge in a broader sense. The process has been designed to further strengthen the Council’s corporate performance management arrangements.

The CPA sessions take place quarterly in July, November, February and May. Each session will review performance in the previous quarter, challenge as appropriate and agree remedial actions, where required.

To view details of the most recent Corporate Performance Assessments please click on the link below:

Executive Member Performance Review Sessions

The Deputy Leader has overall responsibility for performance across the Council.

Twice a year the Executive Members and Chief Officers for each Service Area have their performance reviewed with the Deputy Leader and the Chief Executive. The sessions are both a means of challenging areas where we haven’t reached anticipated levels of performance and discussing practical solutions to any problems being encountered. Through conducting a performance review session for each service area the Executive Member is able to keep performance under review across the Council, allowing an opportunity for further more thorough investigation of any issues identified through CPA sessions.

To view details of the most recent Executive Member Performance Review Sessions please click on the links below:

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