Car Park Restrictions

Car parks at countryside sites and visitor attractions will remain open but will be subject to regular review.

Public toilets

Our toilet blocks in Lion Street, Blaenavon, and Hanbury Road, Pontypool, are currently still open, all other public toilets have been closed until further notice.

Road Safety resources during the Coronavirus 'stay at home' period

It is really important to remember that we all need to stay as safe as possible when we venture outside; whether this is for essential supplies or for our daily exercise. Even though there is currently less traffic on our roads it seems that some drivers are using the situation to drive recklessly, by speeding through built up areas and overtaking dangerously.  We need to stay alert and vigilant, which can be difficult at such a stressful and anxious time, when it is easy to lose our concentration. Whether driving our car or crossing a road thinking about and using road safety is as important as ever. Our road safety resources during the Coronavirus 'stay at home' period can be found here.