The Licensing team ask that until further notice all applications and required documents are submitted via email to All applications must be fully completed and include a telephone number so that we may contact the applicant to take payment of the relevant application fee. 

We will confirm receipt of each application by e-mail and will provide a unique reference number for the application. The Council’s telephone contact centre, Call Torfaen, will then call the applicant to take the necessary payment, quoting the unique reference number for the application.

Our preferred means of contact during this time is via email to

Coronavirus Phishing Scams

There have been reports of fake Coronavirus emails and text messages being received.

These messages claim to be from official sources for example, the HMRC or World Health Organisation.

They claim to offer safety advice, tax refunds or similar, but include malicious web links or attachments.

Whether a message is received by a phone call, text or email, to help avoid these scams:

  • Do not give out your personal or financial information
  • Do not click on attachments or web links
  • Do not use any contact information in the message itself
  • Verify via your own trusted method

Be aware of rogue traders

It has been brought to the attention of the council’s trading standards team that rouge traders may be diversifying and offering to undertake shopping on behalf of vulnerable individuals who are self-isolating. Although this may appear to be a nice gesture, there are concerns that they have ulterior motives. This could be financial exploitation to overcharge people or to secure card and pin numbers. Read the whole Be aware of rogue traders news article here.

Beware of COVID-19 scams

Criminals are exploiting fears about COVID-19 to prey on members of the public, particularly older and vulnerable people who are isolated from family and friends. National Trading Standards is warning people to remain vigilant following a rise in coronavirus-related scams. Read the whole Beware of COVID-19 scams news article here.