Paying Your Council Tax / Rent

If you are having difficulty paying your Council Tax please contact us. We can look at your potential entitlement to Council Tax Reduction (or Free School Meals if you have children) if you are on a low income or social security benefits such as Universal Credit. We may be able to spread your instalments over twelve months to reduce your monthly payment or defer your initial instalments to make it easier for you to pay at a later date.

If you need to make a new claim for help with your rent please claim Universal Credit. If you receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and have rent arrears or an ongoing shortfall in your rent the Council administers discretionary housing payments to help you manage your housing costs.

We will work with you to ensure that all Information about financial support to help you during this exceptional period is made available. This is a very difficult and stressful time for everyone and we will ensure we help where we can. Where you are able to pay please pay, the Council is reliant on the revenue received from Council Tax to pay towards the services that we provide. Further Government announcements are expected over the next few days.  

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)

All current Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) entitlements ending at the end of March or beginning of April will automatically be extended until October 4.

We will expect customers to complete renewals applications in September. There is no need to apply now.

If circumstances change in the award period between April and October we will review the amount we are paying and if you are aware that you require additional assistance please let us know.