Equality in Employment Monitoring

The Equality Act 2010, placed a statutory duty on local authorities to promote equality and aim to improve equal opportunities in employment. Under the Act, we are required to carry out monitoring in a number of areas and to publish the results of that monitoring.

Areas Requiring Monitoring

Under the terms of the Equality Act 2010 we are required to monitor and publish, by reference to "people with protective characteristics to which they belong” a count of:

  • Staff in post
  • Applicants for employment
  • Applicants for promotion
  • Staff who cease employment with the Council
  • Applicants for training
  • Staff who receive training
  • Staff who are involved in Grievance or Disciplinary Procedures
  • Staff who are the subject of Grievance Procedures
  • Staff who benefit or suffer detriment as a result of its performance assessment procedures

In 2007 the Council invested in a new Human Resources Data Management system in order to increase the Council’s effectiveness in managing a number of process needs relating to our activities as an employer such as payroll and sickness management. It also included arrangements to develop the Council’s capabilities in managing data relevant to our duties under the employment aspects of the Equality Act.

The Councils progress on employment data is an incremental process and the data will become more comprehensive through staff sharing more of their equality monitoring information and the Councils capability to produce categorised reports develops.

Current available employment data is detailed in the Torfaen Council Equality Report Open Data 2017-18.

Last Modified: 30/09/2019
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