Assessment of the Equality Impact of the Councils Saving Proposals for 2014/15 Budget

Since the implementation of the Equality Act 2010 there has been a statutory requirement placed upon most public sector organisations to consider, consult and publish its assessment of the potential equality implications of any proposed policies, changes to services or in the delivery of its functions.

The setting of the annual budget represents a key decision making process of the Council and in our current challenging circumstances, demonstrates the values and priorities that the Council wishes to ensure are afforded the most protection.

During November/December 2013 Chief Officers of the Council were engaged in a process of defining the individual saving proposals so that they could be assessed in terms of how they may present a ‘Green/Amber/ or Red Risk’ relating to their potential equality impact either upon the community of Torfaen, as an employer, or in the effect that the proposals may have in the undertaking of any of the Council’s functions.

A total of 120 separate saving proposals were made across the whole Council. The potential equality impact of these proposals were actively considered by the Chief Officers in the putting forward of the proposals and also how the impact might assist or detract the from the Council’s stated Corporate Plan priorities.

All EIA Summaries were completed by the Chief Officer or Senior Officer delegated to undertake the task and returned to the Equalities & Social Justice Team for collation. These summaries are now published below:

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
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