Assessment of the Equality Impact of the Councils Saving Proposals for 2015/16 Budget

Since the implementation of the Equality Act 2010 there has been a statutory requirement placed upon most public sector organisations to consider, consult and publish its assessment of the implications of any proposed policies, changes to services or in the delivery of its functions.

The setting of the annual budget represents a key decision making process of the Council and in the present challenging circumstances being faced by this Council it demonstrates through resource prioritisation the values and services that the Council wishes to ensure are afforded the most protection.

In December 2014 Senior Managers of the Council were advised of a methodology by which they would be asked to consider the equality impact of the savings being proposed within their service area. Documentation and Pro-formas were to assist in the gathering of information about the potential equality impact of budget savings proposals on people according to ‘protected characteristics’ - these being: Age, Disability, Gender reassignment, Marriage and civil partnership, Pregnancy and maternity, Race, Religion and belief, Sex, and Sexual orientation. The Pro-forma also asked a number of key questions relevant to implementing an effective and proportionate Equality Impact Assessment Process, these being:

  • What is the impact of the change on customers?
  • What arrangements are proposed for consultation with people (or representative organisations) who will be directly affected by the proposal?
  • To provide a description of the potential impact on groups as identified by ‘protected characteristics’ and provide consideration of whether this impact was Adverse, Positive or Neutral.

The meeting of the Resources Overview & Scrutiny Committee on the 3rd December provided a first assessment of the potential impacts of the savings proposed for the 2015-16 Budget. While this was a scrutiny process that had specifically been introduced to augment the budget development process it additionally provided a forum whereby Councillors could consider the implications of the savings proposals and a number of the questions posed by councillors covered issues relating to equality impact. This list of the joint overview and scrutiny budget questions can be found here.

Subsequently from the evidence gathered, the report agreeing the Council Budget 2015-16 was accompanied by an appendix providing an equality impact overview report that can be found here.

The completed Budget Equality Impact and Mitigation Measure Forms and the Equality Impact Enquiry Forms for 2015/16 are below.

Equality Impact Assessments - Mitigation Measures

Equality Impact Enquiry Forms

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