Apple & Cinnamon Crumble & Custard

Apple & Cinnamon Crumble & Custard

Why we chose this dish

Our Pupils’ Choice

"This is my choice because the custard and crumble together, when you are eating it, it warms you up" Leah, Garnteg

Our Dietitian’s Choice

"This fruit based dessert is a good option for contributing to your child’s 5 a Day. We make our crumble with both flour and oats, oats being a good source of fibre (for healthy digestion) and scientifically proven to lower cholesterol. In addition, our custard, made with fresh milk is a great contributor to pupil’s calcium requirements (for strong bones and teeth) and zinc (for healthy growth and healthy immune function)."

Diwygiwyd Diwethaf: 14/08/2020 Nôl i’r Brig

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