Renewal Areas

A Renewal Area is one identified as having poor housing conditions, coupled with social, economic and environmental needs. The aim is to halt an area’s decline and to increase public confidence by improving local living conditions the general environment and to stimulate the local economy.

There are currently three Renewal Areas in Torfaen:

  • Forgeside (declared December 2009)
  • Varteg and Garndiffaith (declared December 2009)
  • Northville and Southville (declared May 2010)

Renewal Area status usually lasts for ten years.

Visit the 'Your Location' area of the website to see the precise boundaries of the Renewal Areas or visit the Civic Centre, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 4pm. 

Renewal Area status was the catalyst for massive investment in Blaenavon with almost £12 million of public and private money being spent in the town over a decade. 

In Abersychan, over £17 million was spent on capital schemes. 

In Pontypool over £3.1 million was spent in the area which increased public confidence by improving housing conditions, renovating and maintaining properties and creating attractive places in which to live.

Blaenavon and Abersychan saw an end to their Renewal Area status in 2009 with Pontypool’s Renewal Area status ending in 2013.

For more information on Housing Loans please visit the Torfaen Homes website or contact the Housing Team on 01495 762200.

Last Modified: 01/05/2019
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